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Forced to think of things *or* picking a scab so the wound heals

Waiting at the psychologist’s office

This is not because of you

You are not that important

I’m here for me

For my health

Because I am important

(PS obviously this isn’t aimed at you… this is aimed at goat dragon…

you are super important, peep reading this. Look after your mental health. We only get one brain.)


28 thoughts on “Forced to think of things *or* picking a scab so the wound heals”

  1. Yes, you are very important, always look after yourself and stay healthy xx. My Two and a half brains are fine, one brain for me, a brain that lives in my dreams, and that half-brain is fucked in the head.

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  2. You are VERY important! And there is nothing wrong with a session or many sessions. I’ve done them! Can help overcome… help us help ourselves… can do wonders sometimes… can put the blame squarely where it belongs. 😉

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  3. I got your DM but have not had a chance to reply. I want you know how much you mean to me… how much you sharing with me has helped me put some things into perspective… how much I value you as a friend and a sister indeed.

    You are very special and very important to me and I hold you in high esteem. I am in awe of you my beautiful LemonFlower! You are a warrior and a powerful force that forking goat dragon won’t ever control… not in memory, not in spirit… not in any way shape or form. The love you have inside you, your boys… your passion for life – forking overrides everything he has ever done or attempted to do. He can no longer touch you, affect you… has absolutely no power over you!!!!

    Love you so much!!

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  4. We only get one brane it is tru!

    But that is not to say there’s only one person driving the bus! 😉

    The hard part is deciding just which one is the best driver – Oh and getting the others to agree to let that one get us to our destination in peace!

    You ever see ‘Herman’s Head’? (90’s TV show)

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    1. The name of the show sounds familiar but I would have to google it, I think. But I know what you mean. And lately, I hate the bitch driving, she doesn’t know where the fuck she’s going.
      Thank you for your comments, dearest xxx

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      1. “STOP THE BUS!! I want to get off!” 😉

        That’s the trouble with brains, when you are in one you’ve pretty much got to go where it wants you to go.

        I’ve tried all sorts of things to get mine to do what i want but it stubbornly refuses to listen to me for more than a couple of minutes at a time…..Siiigghhhh.

        Maybe have a little word to the bitch and see if she agrees with you as to your direction and if you do you may be able to come to a compromise of some sort? Like let her drive but she takes some directions from you – see how it goes for a while? 🙂

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      2. It’s too late… I just tried to snatch the wheel back off her. I’m driving for now. One of the other chicks in her is holding her down. Someone else is looking for rope or an occy strap or something…


        Yep brains are super tricky. You think you have it all worked out and then blamo… nope…

        I think that is why we do things like blog. It is like driving our brains up next to one another do someone can yell advice at us or even grab the wheel through their own window or we can follow them to the closest exit… hmmm… have i taken this metaphor too far?

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      3. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Well done you! I’m assuming you’re the sensible(?) one, not the crazy bitch! 😉

        Too far? I’d say you got it spot on! 🙂

        I think one of the real problems with our brain is that we are all mostly left to figure it out for ourselves and are not taught anything about how they actually work in our schools!

        Considering how they influence our entire life i think thats a major mistake in our society’s.

        Have fun and keep it cool! 🙂 (and keep an eye on Ms Crazy!)

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      4. Oh I’m a tad crazy but I ain’t the bitch one… lol

        No it is barely spoken about… a term goes by learning about Pythagoras theory and … (I can’t think of something else obscure right now… I just walked amd I’m exhausted) other things but not much about our own bodies and minds… we barely get taught about puberty… but let’s not get into how fucked up Aussie edu system is…

        But yes you would think our own minds would be a priority to learn about…

        One eye on Ms Crazy B and one eye on the road at all times… she struggled to get out but my grrrls kept her down…

        Thanks darl. You have fun too. Say hello to those gorg Phalies for me🌸😍

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      5. Your grrrls are GOOD (an’ so are you!) 😉 Will do – done! 🙂
        P.s. i’m putting up a post by a neuroscientist on how our mind screws up our dieting, (amongst other things) later tonight. There’s a link there which gives us 5 ways our brain tricks us. Forewarned is forarmed. Just sayin’ 😀

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      6. Oh sounds interesting! If I make through reading a book to my boys I’ll check it out but… I may fall asleep… so I will catch it on the morrow if I do flake out… I’m terrible at reading books at bed time. I always fall asleep first 🤣

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