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I’m sorry

This past week (fortnight?) I have kinda checked out a little. I’m sorry guys. If there is something of yours that I have not yet read, I promise it will get read soon.

Next week is… not going to be fun… so… I will try to regain my structure soon but no promises… *sigh

Projects that are being worked on will continue it is the FTL blog that may suffer lol

So… I’m sorry… I love you all… BRB

To make up for it here is a video of cute baby animals…


72 thoughts on “I’m sorry”

  1. Take a break. You deserve it. Put your feet up, and relax. Your blog feet. Put them up. And relax. Just take it ea-
    *trips and falls down the stairs*
    Hey, how did that get there? I’m in the basement! I broke a nail… *cries*
    What do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhinoceros?


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      1. Everything will happen as it should. Just relax! Sometimes the pressure we put on ourselves is way harder than anything imposed from the outside. Treat yourself as well as you treat everyone else around you, Lemony! Because that’s so very sweet and good. 🙂 ❤

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    1. It is so hard to tackle the things you have to do, want to do and things you feel you have to do…
      I’m trying to do more for myself. I just need to get my routine back on track…
      Thank you for your concern hunny! 😙

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  2. By all means, take a break. I am just now getting to this post, and look, it’s almost Sunday night in Arizona! I may or may not get through all the posts that are still in queue. It can’t become a job, though. Have a great respite, Amberley!

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    1. Yeah… Mr Glass doesn’t cuddle…
      *hugs him anyway*
      “The darkness of my shallow cave is flooding and I’m dying… darkness… clouds of lightning and blood…” that sounds like a perfect description of menstruation …

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      1. He is a sweet in the middle of all that darkness. Only those who can feel that way are capable and well… when you have sugar for a daughter… that helps too. LOL.


  3. You are so full of love and feely feels and care and beauty, and though I’m a new friendy of yours, I do love you so and think you’re amazing.
    Squooshly smoogly bloogley kisses


  4. Okay my lovely! You’re totally fine. Take care of you! Tons of love as always. Will be talking to you and hugging you and will forking do something! LOL. Something. I feel you though. I’m so behind on my own WIPs and reading important friends. (*Sighs… buries face in pillow*). Muah!


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