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Bones and all

Laughter bubbles from your lips

Sweet and light

Jokes we tell

Back and forth

As if the sky does not fall around us

Bones, beautiful

Show through your translucent skin

Smile on your lips

The only thing not disappearing

How can someone be so fragile

Breakable, breaking

And be so strong?

If it would help you

I would give you my body

But then you wouldn’t be you

And my body is breaking too

If it was possible I would trade my insides for yours

Organs for organs

Except for your heart

It is too big to fit within the confines of my chest…


My sweet friend

I wish I could be more for you

More than an ear

More than fingers with kind words spilling from their tips

I wish I could be more

More like you

My sweetest friend

I love you

Beautiful bones and all

To my lovely Brie


37 thoughts on “Bones and all”

    1. This is lovely! I’m so glad for your heart! You have and spread so much love! You’re amazing and Brie! Well… there’s strength in that cheese! 😉

      Lucky the both of you for this friendship love! Hugs my sweet! This is the stuff that helps us all thrive!😍😘

      Liked by 1 person

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