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Rain, rain

Last night,

I stood put in the rain for a little while.

Just feeling the cool droplets land,

runing down my skin,

their shimmering bodies falling

through the fading light… and

I became suddenly so


So happy to be alive.

So happy I made it out.

So happy to have good friends in my life.

Just happy.

And so grateful.

I am grateful for all the things the universe has given me.

Big and small.

From the house over my head

To my fingers so that I may write

From my familyand friends

To cat purring gently on my lap

Grateful for the rain on my skin

And for the music playing through my earbuds

I have never left so at peace

And I know I will have bad days

Days where I “mother fucking rant”

And days where I write hate poetry

But I will also have days where I write stories about touches from fingers and hands

Soft as those raindrops on my skin

I will have days where I cry at everything

I will have days where I giggle all day

I will have days where I only want to go back to bed,

Even if only to dream of the future


I know that now I am happy


I love you. I love you all…




62 thoughts on “Rain, rain”

  1. I’m so glad you did this! Breathe sigh… perfect! I knew it would be!

    You’re amazing… lovely… thoughtful and such a good friend!


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  2. Please know this, Empress… you are also a wonderful friend to us! I am grateful for you, and everything you are. You’re inspirational, and strong, and my hero! You’re a rock star!
    ๐Ÿ˜š โค

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      1. Bahahahahahaha jazz hands

        I have an Android. I also have the finger but i do not use that one…

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  3. Ah, beautiful, must be glorious there, standing in the rain and marshmallows, wet, sticky and fragrant. And yes our writings have all sorts of different moods, and I think to capture and pen each unique mood is so important to enhancing our compassion for life.

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  4. I cannot express to you how much I love the rain. I love it passionately. Your poem was art drenched in raindrops wiped away by a passionate angel, seductively taking me and my soul into the clouds, having me, tasting me and letting me fall to the earth after my petit mort in an ethereal pool of molten, hot, sweet rain, tasting of heaven and desire and the angst of life crushing yet resuscitating my existence

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    1. That comment was more poetic than my poem… lol
      You are so sweet to me, my beautiful.
      The rain has been a close friend of mine for a very long time. Unfortunately, she hasn’t visited much this summer. So it is always a joyous surprise when she drops by.
      All the love, sweet fire goddess xxx

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  5. beautiful…..i find there is something magical in the rain:its sound and it touch…when not torrential while you are pout with the dogs of course.much love dear….i feel like i missing a limb without emojiis

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  6. I’m just going to point out that the day you happened to feel so happy and appreciated all that you are blessed with was also the anniversary of the date of my birth!

    I think there’s something Karmic about such a happenstance! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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