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The Floating Room

This is for the Chuck Wendig’s Fiction Challenge.

This week, we had to Google image search “strange photos” and then pick one.

Because I am chicken, I convinced my sister – Mel Gutiér, the princess of Melons –to do this with me. Please go check out her story too.

This isn’t my normal sort of narrative. I’m not even sure what this. LOL

It is what it is.


Amberley “Lemon” Griffin

The floating room is where we go.

Souls, lost. Torn. Told they were less than they were.

Let me be clear… this is not hell. Although it shares many of the same aspects. Eternal eternity exsisting and not.

It is also not purgatory. None of us have left yet. None that I know of.

We cannot speak. For we were silent in life.

We cannot walk. Feet forever hovering just out of reach of the ground. No movement. For we did not run in life.

Did not flee.

Did not change.

Did not fight.

We were the ones who believed the monsters when they told us we were bad. We were the ones who hung our heads in shame although we had done nothing wrong.

If we do not believe we are worthy for heaven, I guess we do not go there.

There is no fire. We feel no pain.

There is no light, no darkness just the constant twilight of muddy air, thick with the sadness and the regret and the shame which was never ours to begin with.

We didn’t look too dissimilar while living actually…

You will notice us, in your life. Maybe. If you take the time. If you glance in our direction.

The ones with the glazed hazy look which clouds the light in their eyes. The ones who look at their feet as they walk. The ones who flinch. The ones whose pain is worn on their sleave, heart so broken it dangles in tatters.

If you see them, and you will, offer a kind word. A smile. A hug. An ear to listen. A question. (Are you okay?)

For it is getting crowded in here. And cold. It gets colder every day.


71 thoughts on “The Floating Room”

  1. Are you alright sweetheart? ❤

    I feel it has been happening for long now. I get deja-vus very often now and there are reasons which I've discussed at many places. Here I feel you changed your fonts. Your image is gripping and the story is beautifully suggestive of compassion and healing. Love it. Thanks 🙂

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      1. Hugs dearie. Though I would love this particular piece be ‘marked’ by you in memory as it moved me to deja-vus. I would personally share with you how they worked in my spiritual awakening and how certain bloggers and posts strikingly affected my journey if you feel interested. This is one post which I feel like having read before. ❤

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      2. Maybe. Though it doesn’t happen like that in my case. I haven’t been reading such stories for long and my blogging journey has also been a small one here on WP. 🙂

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      3. I start getting feelings of deja vus very strong impressions of having seen some of the people and articles though it has become more frequent as my awakening has unfolded in past few years and it seems those articles, events and people somehow hold key lessons or turning points in this journey from linear viewpoint and from frozen events viewpoint–since all events are stored in the Absolute they indicate some key events which help me remember reality or make me grounded. In any case if they create some paranormal experiences for me or appeal me–they are powerful and effective for me–kind of masters in different voices which guide me towards light.

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      1. get out?… I just put curtains up… do you know how much trust you have to build in the asylum to get curtains?… I keep this up I might get scissors… nope, they said that was never happening… well a boy can dream… No?… well what the fuck?… I’m calm… I’m calm… and the curtains are gone… : (

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  2. A brilliant interpretation of the google photo, I particularly like the line, “There is no light, no darkness just the constant twilight of muddy air, thick with the sadness and the regret and the shame which was never ours to begin with”. Well done to you two fruity loops.

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  3. Wow!!! This is creepy and spooky and I loved it! You really wrote the picture well, describing it and giving it life perfectly!

    You can write anything! 😍😍😙😊

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  4. Amberley! My beautiful LemonLovely!!! Gosh… you are incredibly poignant! I rwad this again just now… Your passion is the silver lining in the darkest of tapestries!

    The symbolism is so spot on! It was gripping and chilling. Amazing. I agree with CLEVER! You can write anything and it is brilliant!

    The image is really strong. The meaning you punched… you’re amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. For a moment I was like “who the fuck is Amberley?” Bahahahahahahaha cause you never call me by my name! 🤣🤣🤣

      Thank you so much, hunny buns. I really wasn’t sure about it.

      Ypur comments are always so thoughtful and lovely and blush-inducing

      Kisses xxx

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  5. This reminds me of my girls at the “adjudication center”, where I worked, briefly, in 2000-01. I loved every one of those kids, who were seen as wretched, as “butts in beds” (yes, that was an actual term, used by the school’s Chief Finance Officer), by nearly everyone else on the executive team. I even loved the two who were paid off by someone to get rid of me. A few years later, one of the ex-inmates told me that the place fell apart, after I left.

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    1. That sounds like a whole story on its own!
      I think humans are very easy to break. We are too hard on ourselves and each other… and it is difficult (but not impossible) to come back once something inside us breaks.
      Thank you so much for your comment.

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