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I found myself chatting with a friend one night… awhile ago. I actually can’t remember when this was and when I decided to do this post but it wasn’t recent.

But we were discussing where we lived. And, like the stalker I am, I totally Google Mapped to see where said friend lived.

But what I found was… something.

I don’t know what qualifies as art. I don’t know what others consider to be beautiful, but I thought these images were beautiful.

They made me feel something other… which is what art is meant to do, right?

Looking at these images made me feel small in the most beautiful way. The mixture of man-made straight lines and organically created waves and curves and curls…

And the parts where water and land meet, that mixture, joining of the two…

So, thank you, Google.

map 2map 3map 4map 5map 6map 7map 8map 9map 10


44 thoughts on “beauty?”

  1. You’re a breathe sigh artist! It suits you! There is art, prose, poetry… dreams in everything. Not everyone notices… those that do… man!

    You’re pretty special LemonLovely! You know that!

    These are very uniquely eloquent. I love the feels you share! I mean! Seriously… gosh… thank you for you!!”😍

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  2. It’s a beautiful and different post. Whatever we perceive blissfully becomes beautiful and beautiful is what makes us feel blissful and round and round of applause for this research work which makes us feel small and humble and beautiful. 🙂 ❤

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