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Time passes us by.

It doesn’t stop.

Even as you read these words, the sand from your body’s hour glass continues to fall.

And we only have so many grains.

We spend our lives going places.

Going to work.

Going home.

Going crazy.

But how much time do we spend doing?

Doing something fun.

Doing something worthwhile.

Doing something for the greater good.

Doing something for ourselves.

We get angry too much.

Angry with traffic,

angry with our boss,

our spouse,

our co-workers,

our lives.

And for what?

To do it all again tomorrow and the next day and the next.

We take risks.

Unnecessary. Deadly. Ridiculous risks.

Have a smoke.

Have a drink.

Over take that arsehole on the freeway and flip him the bird as you do.

Go over the speed limit.

Don’t call your parents or brothers or your sisters or your friends.

Eat that maccas.

Skip the gym.

These seem like little things but ultimately they can kills or effectively damage us or someone else.

We work jobs that are slowly killing us… eating us from the inside out.

We live in places that we hate.

We stay in relationships we do not want to stay in.

We surround ourselves with energy vampires who suck our life instead of feeding our soul.

We dream about the life we want but stay stuck in the one we hate.

It is as if we started walking in a circle and over the years that circle wore a hole in the ground and now we cannot figure out how to escape.

Wandering wandering aimlessly. Spending our one life… ONE LIFE … hating things.

We take risks but not the ones we should be taking.

Quit that fucking job you hate so much. Find something else. Or at least agressively look for something else and then quit. But don’t stay…

Move. Get away from the town you hate. The house you despise. There is better out there.

Call your folks, your family, your friends.

Tell people you love them.

Go away. Do things. Spend time with people. Make real connections. Real conversations. Look after your body. Hug more. Learn more. Look up at the sky. And close your eyes just to listen to birds sing.

Do all of the things.

Because this is it.

This is all we get.

Each day gone is one closer to death..

Make every day count.

One day it will be your …


19 thoughts on “YOLO”

  1. ok just went walking and ate a Häagen-Dazs Coffee and Almond Crunch Bar… it was great and the sun was shining and i was in the moment… but have high blood sugar… not sure if i was affirming life or acting like an addict.


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    1. Bahahahaha
      you have to decide your own lines. You know in yourself what is “enjoying life” and what is “probably shouldn’t have had that”
      I’d say because you were not eating it while crying in a dark room then you are on the “enjoying life” spectrum… 😉
      That sounds amazing btw… I don’t think we have those in Aus

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  2. It all fits… Life in tiny bite sized pieces that are all edge, so you can be the interesting bit in the middle when it’s finished. And you already are interesting. You shoot from the hip and never run out of ammo. You’re my hero for the juxtaposition of this and Haiku alone. 😍😍😍

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  3. This is a beautiful post. All things which makes sense and make us feel alive, positive and free have been said with a powerful voice here. Have a great day Amberley 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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