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Slow Motion Blissful

You came to me last night

My lover

In a dream

I dreamt

I felt

Your warmth next to me

We sat close but not touching

Together but not speaking

I look up at you and you cup my face in your palm

I lean into your gentle hand

You stare at me and I do not close my eyes.

Slow motion

Blissful breathing hot

Wanting and longing and hunger

You lean in towards me

And I am starving for you


How devine they are

Like a fountain to the thirsty

And I drink you in

Hands tight on my hips

As if you will never

Could never let go

Together but not speaking


Never not touching

Hold me tighter

Lest I float away

For I am high on you

I am drunk on your body

And I cannot be satiated

I want more

Your breath on my neck

My chest

My hands in your hair

On your face

Fingernails down your back

Together but not speaking

In any language that can be heard


It was just a dream

You are not beside me

And you do not exist

Happy Valentine’s day




33 thoughts on “Slow Motion Blissful”

  1. Lovely… Lemon… Lovely! This made me cry… Sexy? Yes. Hot? Yes. Passionate? Yes. It was so much more to though. I felt it. I felt you. If I may… just add one word to your poignant ending…


    It was just a dream

    You are not beside me

    And you do not exist… YET”

    Hugs my lovely! This was a wonderful read. Dreams… they do come true. Hope is alive in every day. I feel it so strongly for you. Know why? Because you are designed for such a life… you are so worthy of it. Love gives way when you least expected it! Smiling… You’re a wonderful human being and a wonderful person. He’s waiting for you just around the corner… waiting for the universe to align your parallel into perpendicular.


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    1. Aaand… I’m crying.
      I’m in no rush… I have healing to do first and I think the universe knows this… I have complete trust.
      There is still a touch of doubt because I don’t know what the universe has planned for me 🤣 maybe it is my plan to write pining poetry forever lol
      I do love this new word. Yet.
      Love you, Melon princess xxx

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