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Be brave enough to care

This morning I was talking to a friend about how I want to be able to help people… then this popped up on my YouTube…

I wanted to share it with you all…




36 thoughts on “Be brave enough to care”

  1. Hi Amberley, that was quite wonderful, and it made me realise, I am actually good, I’m on the betterer side of good, I’ve been on the betterer side of brave, and I care so much it hurts and I’m always wishing that through my words, I’m actually helping some people out there. Thank you Amberley for being you, and you’re another sparkle in my life, and that means a lot to me, and so you’ve helped me. xx

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  2. This is something with all the good things. Makes me feel so beautiful and warm with compassion and kindness. It moved me to tears. Thanks Amberley 🙂 love and hugs ❤

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  3. LovelyLemonLovely! This was a wonderful share. I’m constantly in awe of you. How much love is structured in you… built up lovingly… carefully… thoughtfully. Breathe sigh… this is how you’re built! This is how you’re structured… love glows in your design and we all feel it!

    You’re wonderful! Grateful for you!

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