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There is not enough soap

I told you “no, stop”

But you hurt me anyway

I still hear your laugh


42 thoughts on “There is not enough soap”

  1. … my scars will heal
    All the pain you’ve tattooed on me
    Was carved out with invisible ink
    And little by little my soul awakens
    It’s etched out from love and joy
    That invisible ink becomes apparent
    As laughter of the love sprung from my miraculous biology begins to heal it.

    My soul… was never touched… you never reached it… my heart did not belong to you… you never earned it… my smile… you didn’t deserve… my bliss… you’ll never know any… my hurt… you caused it… delighted in it… didn’t break me… I’m still here… your laughter… stung me… stings me still… but it will never own me… because…

    I know of something you know nothing of… LOVE!!!!!

    Love and hugs to you my LemonCustardLovely!

    So much feels! 😚💋💋💋💋💋💋💕

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      1. You’re fine…

        I heard your breath! Does it matter! This was forking brill! Who the fork cares!

        It was sooo strong and brutal! My guts hurt for all the right reasons and I was inspired! You’re an inspiration!

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