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Would you…

If you loved me, what would you say?

Would you tell me I am your sun

Shining warmth glowing thriving

Your moon

Glimmer shimmering darkness devine

Your star-lit sky

Blanketing guiding glitter of the gods

If you loved me, what would you write?

Poetry of rhymes rhythm riddling

Songs and music

Powerful moving Move me to tears

Our names in the sand

You + me 4eva


A library of words

Twenty six letters scrawled endlessly

Over and over and over and …

If you loved me, what would you do?

Would you hold my hand?

Fingertips like lightning rods, reaching




Would you touch my cheek?

Wiping tears away that I cried long before I met you.

Tears that were not yours to wipe away and yet you wipe them anyway.

Would you kiss me?

Lips on lips, parted

Salt and sugar

My chest is a feild of swirling dandelion seeds, blowing

My mouth

Butterflies, fluttering

Your mouth

Snakes, writhing

My body

Heart beats, skipping

Your body

Heat, swelling


Created and burning

Our bodies

If you knew I existed, would you love me?


108 thoughts on “Would you…”

    1. It feels like I have literally ripped this from somewhere deep with in me. My tummy hurts and my eyes sting…
      Writing emotions is painful…
      Thank you my gorgeous Melon Goddess… thank you for your wonderful comments and thank you for your friendship and thank you for talking me off the edge at random times of the night/morning…
      All my love 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

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      1. Goddess is a kind of melon. I had to google to ensure what you were saying. You are so learned and witty. I am always in awe of your humor and wit 🙂 🙂

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      1. And I was just thinking about you. On your page right now. Is it telepathy, synchronicity or you recalling me–ah it’s beautiful, thank you 🙂

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  1. You’ve met me. You know what I do when I’m… um…
    This put me adrift on a tranquil sea, full of love encompassing everything.
    This was absolutely beautiful, and longing, and full of pain and yet…
    It’s the kind of poem that creates reality, the kind that draws the ones to you that you need, that gives you hope and happiness when you least expect it, out of nowhere…
    And out of someone’s heart, a heart that is golden and beats only for you.


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      1. Yeah… we know everyone can see them. Some people can speak French. Some can speak Gujarati, and to them I say: thaki gayo.
        It’s the only phrase I know. And it’s so true. And that’s a romanized version.

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      1. Yes… really high too. Like jump over a fence type jump. They can’t walk at all. They even balance on their tails to kick while fighting. They are truly amazing animals.
        All good. Bad sex jokes are what life is about! 🤣

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      2. So they are a “protected species” as in you aren’t allowed to keep them as pets, feed them or hunt them. In some places and some species you can shoot them and some people eat them 😔 same with emus. I’m not down with eating my national emblems.

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      3. Because they are supposed to taste good and they are cheaper to farm. An emu is sort of similar to an ostrich.
        I think we seperated from the other continents pretty early on so the evolution on our country is pretty divergent from everything else…

        Lol of course I have met Aboriginal people. I have an aunty and cousins who are Aboriginal. Although I guess it is a fair question because they were almost wiped out.

        I believe you have so many questions because you are a curious individual who enjoys knowledge… knowledge is power…

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      4. Lol you are cute.
        It is funny. I didn’t realise until I was older that my cousins were not my blood cousins. We just used to all play and swim and whatever… then someone pointed itbout to me when I was a teenager… I was like, oh yeah… I guess we aren’t related by blood. Obviously it made zero difference lol just an odd thing. Kids do not see colour unless they are taught…

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