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insectile beauty devine

Sacrifice to you

My heart taker

Take me

For I was made for you

Your wine

Your will

I obey

Your rules

My seed

Your need

My head

My gift

Insectile beauty

Devine lust

The last thing I want to see is you

-from all male praying mantises




52 thoughts on “insectile beauty devine”

      1. I think you should be called “Theearlyfuckinbird”. Good morning, and you’ll find the music different, but I think they captured the sound quite well.


  1. You don’t see any praying mantis in London. In Cyprus… constantly. I used watch them nestling in my basil plants when they were tiny,then growing into the beautiful, bestial monsters they are.
    Don’t know why I’m telling you this. I’m a bit tipsy so gawd knows what will transpire.
    I’m a huge entomophobe…but they don’t scare me.
    Funny and surprising that you posted this but also not surprising at because despite how this may sound I feel an odd connection to you, that I’ve mentioned before but…you know. Sometimes I feel weird saying stuff.. pffff
    Okay. Rambles and tambles … What’s a tamble? Fuck knows, let’s make up a definition and use it whimsically when we don’t have a word for what’s going on.
    Rambles and tambles.
    Or rambling and tambling? That one sounds naughty.
    Okay! Shutting up now!

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    1. Whoop whoop! Tipsy M! You drunken cutie pie you!
      I hope the getting tipsy is for happy reasons.
      I love mantises… they are just gorgeous, delicate, deadly creatures. But I kinda have a thing for insects of all kinds. (Mantises are my fav 😍)
      I have actually been considering going back to university to do entomology. Lol
      I think we are very similar. Except I love all bugs and you can write in iambs lol
      Lmfao I believe a tamble is a long, enjoyable conversation between two friends. Preferable when at least one of them is drunk but it is not necessary for a good old tambling.
      Please don’t shut up, my beautiful smouldering goddess.

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      1. I like your definition. I’m keeping it.
        It’s quite had for me to actually shut up, I was just being adorable and endearing 😊😏
        You make me…me..Sigh…swoon…
        Having a cup of tea, with my soul Goddess Amberley. Not my best rhyme but that’s not a crime…

        Wow. Not on form today!

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