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Warrior Goddess Queen

Can we please just take a moment to worship this woman…

I have been on an Amanda Palmer kick today… just loving her soooo much right now. I even told a friend I would like to be her when I grew up.

Fuck knows when that day will come…

But just look at this photograph.

There are so many aspects of this that I love. She is like the embodiment of every female I wish to ever create.




Weapon at the ready.

Dress on point.

Bare breasted.

Legs, unshaven.


Life giving.

I was never one for breast feeding in public. I had done it a few times cause if my baby needed to eat, he needed to eat. But I did not enjoy it at all. I did not like feeling exposed or vulnerable.

I remember a family member coming round to see the baby. But it was feeding time… it was always fucking feeding time. So I had a baby on one breast and a pump on the other. (Sorry boys)

He (the family member) was super uncomfortable. And the father asked me to stop until they were gone.

I did it… cause I was fragile and overwhelmed and not strong enough yet to tell him to go eat a bag of dicks.

I wish I could go back to past Amberley and show her this photo. Show her how she could be. Show her that she does not have to cover up herself or her baby. Show her she can be proud and strong and motherly.

The confidence Amanda portrays in herself, in her body, in her purpose, is so inspiring. Not just for breastfeeding women either, but for humans.

This is us.

We are warriors.

We are the decendents of those who have won battles, concurred lands, survived sickness and corruption of all kinds.

We don’t need to lose that.

We are all fighting battles of some kind.


Inner demons.

Outer demons.




The never ending laundry pile.

Battles big and small.

Those who have come before us won their battles and now it is our turn to fight.



PS thank you to Ivor for showing me this photograph and the music that goes with it.


35 thoughts on “Warrior Goddess Queen”

  1. “Weapon at ready” “The Never Ending Laundry Pile”

    These two drew me in the most. Well the baby doesn’t care about being nude as it is enjoying the nectar from the breast of mother nature. Lovely post Amberley 🙂

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      1. Totally = totes
        Adorable = adorbs
        We say it sort of sarcastically. As in, there are kids that speak like this (shortwning their words) seriously. But we say it, pretwnding to be like those kids but seriously meaning what we say. So, you are totally adorable.

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  2. Bit of a heart palpitation when I read this:

    “We are all fighting battles of some kind.


    Inner demons.

    Outer demons.




    The never ending laundry pile.

    Battles big and small…”

    Could you kindly remove your lovely self from inside my head, please?
    Or don’t. I love it.

    Some days I feel the warrior goddess ripping herself out of me and blinding the surroundings with the glare of her sword. And when I read your words, similar armoured seraphim beat at the inside of my head to come out and embrace you. On those days people need to step back! Or watch on and soak it in. I’m rambling a bit but it’s early and I need my brekkie.

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    1. Oh my goodness. I think I just fell in love with you…
      M… my beautiful smouldering goddess, you are a warrior. Always.

      Sometimes she retreats because rest is always needed… but she always comes back.
      Man… you are just so awesome. All the loves you gorgeous beast xxx

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      1. I caught the loves in my arms and kissed them tenderly and am whizzing them back to you on wings of cosmic particles.
        I think we’re loving on each other so…that’s lovely and magical.
        You’re a bright light of inspiration 💙

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  3. Amanda Palmer is one of the strongest women ever. My daughter introduced me. She wrote down which songs I should listen to first. I forget them, lol, but it was Dresden Dolls.

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      1. I thought that too, my friend. But, she wouldn’t do it. And truth be told, you won’t want her to type it.
        I have a problem with creation. I want people to look at nothing, or the finished product. I don’t like when people see me writing, and want to know what I have so far. Call me weird. And there are some exceptions to that.

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      2. I love talking about what I’m doing and showing people stuff I’m working on, even though it makes me super nervous. I’m not big on being interrupted…
        It took me a while to figure out where these comments fit in… I’m so not well lol

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  4. My words may be lost in this. I know what it feels like to break down and have a hard time coming back. I don’t drink alcohol because if I did… I don’t think I could recover. All I know is that warrior in me sometimes… it’s not there and I feel like collapsing in the pool of all the need there is around me. Then… a child, my child, will smile on me and ask for braids. I suck up the blurry air… inhale the love instead. Amanda Palmer… Ivor… I remember. He’s good that way.

    You, my LemonLovely… you’re definitely a warrior. No doubt about that! (*reaches across the world… hugs her friend… tight*)

    You’re an amazing writer. Love your passion!

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    1. Alcohol is fine if it is not consumed regularly lol I drink more regularly I wouldn’t get hangovers 🤣🤣🤣

      We are all warriors, sweetheart. Even when we don’t feel like we are. When you don’t feel motherly, does it mean you have mysteriously stopped being a mum? No. Same with your warrior goddess queenliness!

      Love and hugs to you my sweet melon xxx

      Thank you so much for coming over 😊


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