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Lights out

My heart jumps


A breathless night

I look out into the abyss

I wish I saw nothing

But my eyes

They trick and dance

My brain

Warps the shadows

Making shapes where there are none

There are none


It’s nothing

Someone please tell me it’s nothing

My mind does not shut up

Someone please shut it up

Shut up

Shut up!

I need sleep.

We need sleep

My brain and I

But if my brain doesn’t stop chating soon

I might make it go insane

Lights out

Lights on

Go to sleep


43 thoughts on “Lights out”

      1. That’s a proof to all of us that writing has the potential to heal and improve us as human beings. Keep writing and sharing your lovely poems and bold ideas with us, Amberly 🙂

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  1. This one felt like a song to me… fast than slow and fast again… too many things on your mind… can drive you insane… then there is the whole ecosystem outside your door that would make most people shit themselves… yeah… I wouldn’t be able to sleep either…

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    1. Bahahahahaha lol yep. Pretty sure it was a spider making the wind chimes go. It just stood there on its hind legs, tap, tap, tapping at the chimes. Waiting for someone to come out and see what it was.
      I checked my security cameras… but they don’t point towards the chimes…

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      1. Lol nah… they are scary but… I dunno. You just get on with it. We take precautions. Like setting them on fire, building moats around our house, wearing full body armour. No jokes. We don’t build moats. It would be useless. Those fuckers can swim…

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      2. umm… is it weird to have security cameras?… my house is like a Vegas casino… “You of all people should know someone is always watching”… don’t even get me started on the conditions in here… makes Russian prisons look like a vacation… though it is a little harder to get in here so… yeah… I’m being told I can’t share anymore information…

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  2. I loved this, but I’m sorry your mind is so restless. Music can help with that, or try some ASMR videos. This isn’t, like, my favorite or anything, but it’s a good representation of ASMR.

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    1. What is this witchcraft! Lmfao I had heard of ASMR but I had never actually done my own research… I have been listening for about an hour lmfao
      Thank you, Wardy McMuffins
      I used to (have to) listen to guided meditations to get to sleep. Before you guys came along… 😊

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  3. “My brain warps the shadows…”
    Yep. All the time, literally and figuratively.
    About 6 months ago I wrote SUCH a similar poem, if I find it I’ll show you. This almost exploded my brain particles!
    It was tingly and familiar and suffused with….creepy, cryptic, secret minutiae. Loved it. 😉

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      1. Unfortunately it’s not on this incarnation of my blog… it may have disappeared when that one ended. It was something like,
        “Screw you thoughts and fuck you, Brain
        You can’t make me go insane.
        Eff your tricks fuck your lies
        Stop or I’ll gouge out my eyes…”
        Lol, something like that!

        Please stalk away darling…makes me feel mysterious and sexy 😏

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      2. Damn! That sounds like the best poem ever! You will have to rewrite it and dedicate it to me mwahahahahahahaha
        I always stalk you any way lovely xxx 😉

        Sorry if that sounds creepy. If that was a dude saying that to me I would be creeped put lol but I’m not a dude… (so it’s ok? That doesn’t seem right…)
        Sorry … Monday night is tipsy Amberley night.

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      3. Hahaha… giggling..😂 Stalking like a dude is hilarious, and because you aren’t one I would invite you in if I saw you creeping around my house (blog?!) and we could get tipsy together…now THAT would be fun 😏😉🤔💙

        I am definitely rewriting it and dedicating it to you my sudden, heart grabbing and soul hugging zesty vixen 🦊

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