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Fallen angel

A sad sight.


Torn from the sky.

Fallen angel.

Little dove.

Your feathers like flower petals,

float around my garden.

I cringe at the thought of your end…


27 thoughts on “Fallen angel”

  1. A sad metaphorical piece, Lemonsugar. On one level, it’s religious. On another, an actual fallen bird, perhaps a baby bird. And on still another, it laments the situation where a person with all sorts of potential lets it go, and falters, and falls.
    It won’t happen to you!

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      1. I have been trying to read more regularly. I’m getting caught up. I’ll visit and love your blog fully later. Lol
        And you’re welcome. Thank you for writing! ❤😊

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      2. Wardy Muffins! You come here every day! We all have shit going on. If you don’t love on me for one day it is okay… I will only melt into a big puddle of… naah I can’t even be silly! Lol seriously. I love your love. Xxx

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