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Read to me

I love audiobooks…

I’m currently listening to John Green’s latest, Turtles All The Way Down.

On the subject of the book, it is good. Sometimes, a little too good… as in, its portrayal of anxiety is so well done that has actually triggered a couple of panic attacks… which is actually credit to the author.

But there is something about audiobooks. It is like a transportation back in time. To when you were a child. Laying safe in your bed or propped on an adults knee. Maybe that is weird… whatevs.

There is something so personal and intimate about having a story read to you.

I have had many day dreams of being curled in a lover’s arms as they read to me. Quietly. Softly. Words only he and I can hear.

I LOVE my audible… I really do. It is there for me in the car, on long drives, on a nightmare filled night as I try to get back to sleep.

If you haven’t tried audiobooks please give them a go.

And if you ever feel like reading a book out loud, feel free to send it my way lol




32 thoughts on “Read to me”

  1. This made me breathe sigh… there is… I guess… something very personal to having someone read you a story… even if it is a stranger. LOL.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your audible. I really wish I had the time to do these enjoyable me things. But I’m grateful for what ever time I have.

    Hugs lovely. Hope you and the boys are well.

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    1. Lol yes. I think it is a really personal thing. I’m glad I made you breathe sigh 😊
      That is one of the reasons I love audible, is because I can listen while I do other things. Otherqise I’d never get to read lol
      Hugs to you, beautiful Melon Goddess!
      We are doing well. I hope you and your fam is okay…

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  2. I used to read stories to my boys every night. I stopped just this past summer. They’re 14, lol. But I did it for 10 years.
    I do like someone reading things to. Me

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    1. It is sad to stop… I suppose my time will come soon when I will have to stop too… 😔 I usely fall asleep before my boys do! I’ll be reading and then my youngest will touch my arm and tell me to go to bed lol
      I’m glad I’m not the only one… 😊

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      1. My boys are pretty big… the eldest is only 11 but already as tall as me (maybe an inch or two off) but I still grab him and pull him onto my lap so I can give him a snuggle lmfao… I’m an annoying mum… my love is full on…lmfao I think you may have gathered that by now….

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      2. Yeah, I got that! lol it’s sweet.
        My two minute older son grew taller than me last December – of 2016 – and my two minute younger son is catching up. No laps for them, bu I still hug them and stuff.

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  3. Reading out loud has such a different energy, I think it’s fascinating!
    Our culture has fractured our oral and aural skills imho… it can be like a whole different piece!
    Also, going to a lot of concerts at a younger age has probably helped to fracture my aural skills lol but i think i’m digressing…

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    1. Lmfao that might be a different sort of fracturing…
      But yes… take poetry for example. Sometimes, reading something to yourself… yes it is good. But then you get someone to read it to you (even better if they have a nice voice) then it somehow becomes clearer, stronger…
      Thank you for reading, lovely xxx

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  4. Edoardo’s voice is so beautiful and your post is wonderful too. I have heard a few audiobooks and they were so relaxing as I could lay down and continue to listen and sleep without bothering or taxing my eyes 😀 😀 😀

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    1. Yes and no books in the face as you gall asleep while reading! 🤣
      Edoardo is so talented and has such a good range. He reads some Robert McCammon books and they are a match made in heaven…
      Thank you for always lraving such beautiful comments

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  5. Okay so…I have a post called “my voice”. It’s password protected so if you want to hear it drop me a little line and I’ll tell you the password. It’s not a story but it’s me talking and then singing. Thought you’d like it after I read this 💙

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