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The invasion

The aliens came in ships

Big hulking things

Moving slowly

We don’t know from where

But it was from afar

They were strange looking

Sort of like us but


Thin and frail

Bright clothing hanging from gaunt frames

We did not have the same things as them

Fire makers and killing machines and sickness

Many of us died without ever feeling the touch of their weapons

Then there was the war and the greed…

they took more than they needed and then some.

The animals that supplied us with food,

plants we lived off…


But they wanted more…

Our children were next.

They’d come without warning

The pale devils

Sneaking into our homes

Taking our children from their beds

From where they played

Said it was for their own good.

We never saw them again.

Our babies.

Our future.


It still wasn’t enough…


They took our women

To breed us out as if we were a bad strain of dogs

Taking our women to rape them

Force children into their bellies

Half us and half them…

It has been years since the aliens came on their ships

But we are still here as well



Happy Australia day…



Dedicated to the Aboriginal people of Australia. Some of which are my family. And to all those who have suffered because of the atrocities committed by the invaders… much love xxx


27 thoughts on “The invasion”

    1. Drink and think about things…
      I still say happy Australia day… because sometimes for a lot of people, it has nothing to do with where we came from or our ancestry. It is about spending time with family and being thankful to live in a country where we are not torn by wat or governed by complete cock moles. Even though our country is in pursuit of our death it is a pretty nice place to live.
      But I still want to give thought to what this day means to so many…

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  1. Amberley!!!!!! You’re so passionate!!! I love it!! This was soooo good… a poignant, gripping disguise of reality check!

    Hugs my lovely! And then a few kisses! (*hugs her friend and then kisses her all over her face*) Muuuaaah!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gosh you make me smile!!
      I am passionate. Passionate about so many things that it overflows, turning into cute nicknames…
      Thank you so much you gorgeous human creature you!!! xxx xxx xxx
      *accepts all the kisses and all the cuddles
      *holds Melon so tightly she has to tap out

      Liked by 1 person

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