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Not poetry…

I like to dance.

I have two main styles of dancing that I practice on a regular basis:

  • Pole
  • and Badly

I dance the same way whether people are watching or not.

I dance in the kitchen,

with headphones on while cooking or doing the dishes.

I dance in the super market,

pushing a trolley down the isle,

smiling at the people who try to avoid me

the crazy, dancing, singing lady with blue hair and work boots on.

Oh yeah, I like to sing.

The styles of my singing are pretty close to those of my dancing styles.

(I like to keep things in sync)

I sing loudly.

With my entire body and everything…

Diaphragm pulled in and head held high.

I sing in the car,

and in the shops,

while walking down the street or running out in my pajamas to get the mail.

I sing everywhere, except the shower.

I like to use a cleaver to chop things…

Even if it seems like overkill.

I like boots with dresses.

Steal cap boots.

Ankle high.

Knee high.

Work boots, fuck me boots, I like them all.

Dresses come in two styles:

  • cute
  • black

I like to daydream

My favourite colours are:

  • Black
  • Rainbow

And don’t tell me rainbow is not a colour…

I have a tattoo of a 8 crows

plus two other tattoos

but i’ll keep those just for me

When I was little I wanted to be a vet

and then

when I got older

I realised vets have to put animals to sleep

So I became a mum instead.

I think I liked the idea of becoming a vet because I was always drawn to things that could bite

I like towel day.

I like a lot of types of music

But I feel that some of the music I used to like is spoken in a language I no longer understand.

I know this is sort of

kind of

written as if it were a poem

as if the words should rhyme

But this isn’t that sort of post


you know me a little better…



PS Yes… I like to pole dance… I also do this badly.

No I lie. I’m a fucking demon on the pole!


58 thoughts on “Not poetry…”

  1. Your article/post/verse/maybe poem, had me dancing on my chair and singing in the fridge, while I was smiling at your rainbow swinging in black around your blue pole. and I’ll drink to all that, Cheers !!

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    1. Lol thank you, Ivor! I hope you did dance and sing! Truely, nezt time tou are going down an isle at woolies, start singing with the music playing over the speakers and dancing with your trolley… it’s the best!
      What tou drinking tonight? Have a glass for me, darl!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Lol I really like the Aldi cask cab sav… wolfblass is good too… red is good… cab sav is my love. Lol
        I could’ve had a glass tonight but I decided to have a beer with lunch instead…


      2. Lol
        Ooo… no bundy for me… or bourbon/whiskey… brown spirits have a special place in my mind called “smells like vomit”
        (The ex used to drink them…)
        Red wine, white wine and beer is good though.


  2. This made me smile! I wore overalls and army boots in high school all up through college. But I sang and danced in my room only. Still do with the exceptional escape of the tune with my girls and my sister’s kids… lol… family.

    You’re adorable! You’re talented! You’re beautiful! 😚

    This WAS poetry. Art in motion… your words had movement. I really liked that. 😍

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    1. Naaaawww you are so beautiful! So full of live and positivity!! Thank you so much, Melon pie… I’m so glad I made you smile.
      I used to wear knee high (we used to call them FMBs) leather boots at school… used to argue with the teachers about them… but it stated we had to wear black leather laceup shoes with a closed in toe… I was lol they just had 4 inch heels and went to my knees…Lol
      Love you Melon… I’m putting down the WP now… I need shushiebyes

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  3. Always fun to get to know you better… What is towel day?… Singing good or bad is amazing… Only because I am awful and need to justify my trash can of a voice… Odd that I also sing every where… but the shower… Putting an animal down would be way too hard on my soul… Even though in most cases they are helping them… Still too much to handle…

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yep… in my pursuit of this career… I have assissted in a fair few euthanasias… don’t like it… no one just “goes to sleep” I hate it…

      Lmfao trash can voice… I’m sure your voice isn’t that bad, Layney Bear.

      “Towel Day is celebrated every year on 25 May as a tribute to the author Douglas Adams by his fans. On this day, fans openly carry a towel with them…”

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      1. I used to have a really good friend who would bring a towel to school with him… Wardy Muffins reminds me a lot of him.
        Don’t be sad!
        I also got to hand raise sugar gliders and ringtail possums… they are so cute…
        Don’t be sad. I’m sorry.

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  4. I loved this! It was like an interview where you answered questions I didn’t know I wanted to ask!
    It was like the liner notes to your record album! 😊 loved this!
    I sing in the car all the time… Loud, and I do t care who sees, or in warm weather, who hears. I sing in the shower. It’s fun! And I have sung on stage for a band before, when the singer had a cold. Awesome!

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    1. Thank you!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!
      Singing in the car is one of my favourite pastimes.. I don’t know why I don’t sing in the shower… I do if I take my phone into the bathroom with me and listen to music…
      I LOVE that you have sung on stage with a band… the closeat I jave come to that is karaoke..
      You are awesome…


      1. Lol
        Maybe because you can jus… I dunno I got nothing… my wit is still asleep me thinks. I’ll come back to this comment in the morning with a super funny comment that’ll make you pee a little…
        *puts phone down
        *takes of glasses
        *lies there, awake, cause it is so FUCKING HOT at midnight!


      2. It’s a little hot…
        *looks outside to the river of lava flowing down her driveway
        *realises it isn’t lava. It is just the asphalt of the road melting and flowing away.

        Yep she’s hot here again today… it never got cool.

        The seasons will change soon. Does it get hot there in summer? That seems like a dumb question…

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