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Art project: self, portrait.

So… I did a weird thing…

I took some “selfies” with a microscope camera.

I know it is weird…

But I like the strangeness of something we are so familiar with. We look at our bodies every day, but close up it is hard to tell what’s what.

The feels they conjure are strange too… Most of them come with a feeling of disgust or discomfort, but why? Despite what any of these pics look like, they are all PG body parts.

But that unknown…

Also… I need to redo my hair! My blue is growing further and further away.

Sorry for another strange post…




147 thoughts on “Art project: self, portrait.”

  1. Why you gotta apologize for this post! Or any post! It’s your forkin blog! If people don’t like it… they can forkin move on! You’re brilliant! This is brilliant point of view!

    This post is brilliant! Don’t ever have to apologize!


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    1. They aren’t beautiful, that’s for sure!They are… unsettling. Lol I can be disturbing ir disturbed… either either…
      Will take this as a compliment. NIN… how I love Trent Reznor…
      Now I will go binge watch NIN video clips…

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      1. Ummm…. I’m into all sorts of music. NiN among others… CLEVER and I have deep music connections. We grew up listening to the same things pretty much and Layne… he’s unique but similar tastes in music… and now… you my LemonSourCandyLovely!

        I may have shocked some people with my day 92. LOL . My forkin Holiday song! LOL.

        how are you? I have not been on twitter yet. I hope you are well lovely. Hope your boys are too.

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      2. Thanks gorgeous! We are getting there. Watching videos on the history of the english language.
        I will have to go have a look at 92.
        I haven’t had a chance to fiddle with the book cover yet today but the day is still young xxx

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      1. I am weird… I listen to sad music to get happy and feel better… So since I went in deep with NIN… I’d have to say I was a sad teenager but I don’t remember being that sad.. quiet and weird… definitely… Alkaline Trio was my other vice to fight sadness… you tube is probably like what is with this weird spike of NIN videos playing all around the world?…

        and a deep track… might be where I got some of my sense of humor…

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      2. When NIN first came out…. I… um…. well…. I wasn’t… sigh
        Okay, when NIN first came out, I wasn’t a teenager. I’m old.
        But I listened to Pretty Hate Machine over and over and over and then saw NIN at the first Lollapalooza and was this close to getting the neck of Trent’s smashed guitar. Some girl got it. Bleh.

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      3. I had a box of cassettes… lots of mixed tapes and self recorded stuff (when I was a kid I would record myself reading a book out loud so I could listen to it later lol) and stuff recorded from the radio…

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      4. That’s so cool…
        I’m still into all things British. Well mostly the accents and the comedy lol
        I just remembered that when my son was younger he thought the word “British” was an insult or a bad thing so he would say “stop being so British!” Or “erg… you are sooo British.” It was hilarious

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      5. That would be an awesome band name.
        DJ voice:
        *coming up in the next half hour, the new one from Acoustic Toothbrush – stick around for that*

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      6. Who are you?
        How can you be such a taleted writer and poet, plus play all those and be able to use all those accents and other thing but I can’t remember cause itbis midnight…
        Are you sure you’re human?
        That is amazing. I think I want to be you…


      7. I am not sure. I think so, a licensing fee or something. I’m not sure how covers work, but… I know they go on the bed. Wait… song covers… um…
        A fee and royalties?

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      8. I know! now it’s driving me crazy.
        Now, I read something from The Spine (David Michael Bennett) from Steam Powered Giraffe on how they covered Diamonds by Rihanna, and he said they just paid a fee. I’m not sure if that would include releasing the cover for profit or not, or if it’s just so they can make a recording.

        By the way, listen to that version. it’s really good! (But be sure to watch their song Honeybee first, and maybe Brass Goggles and Automatonic Electronic Harmonics too, so you can see what the band is about. Watch them with your kids! My grandson loves Honeybee and I’ve been singing it too him since he was born.)

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      9. The show kept going. Trent came out and sang with Bowie on a NIN song, then Bowie’s band mostly left and NIN’s band came out and Trent and Bowie sang a Bowie song, then it was all NIN. No intermission, all show

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      10. You aren’t old! You are a tiny bit older than us. Tiny tiny tiny…
        Well I don’t know how old Melon princess is… but it really doesn’t matter anyway cause we all get along and have very similar interests.
        Can we ban the O word please?
        You are only as old as the person you feel… so I am exactly my own age because…
        Nope… I was gonna be dirty… lol sorry guys.

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      11. I was gonna say “I feel ya” but then I didn’t.
        I don’t mind being older. It beats the alternative! I just hope I can keep up with you youngsters. Lol

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    2. My youngest brother was heavily into Alkaline Trio for a while. My music head was all booked up at the time, though, with prog. Sort of an indulgent detour. Eventually I just didn’t have time to listen to a bunch of 40 minute long songs.

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      1. I grew up on a diet of punk and grunge… then in high school all my friends were into metal (Learned to like it)… I found the middle ground of industrial and NIN… Fell real hard into industrial…

        But I have a really hard time with long songs… The only song I love that is super long is Dogs by Pink Floyd (Animals is one of my favorite albums… I have the record… would play that bad boy over and over again..) … after 17 minutes… I have to tap out… there is too much good music out there… I need to hear it all…

        A little late to the comment party… had yard work to do yesterday… but I also wanted to be a DJ on the radio at one point in my life… Super shocking… haha.. I did it for a little bit in high school… so much fun… there is something about playing songs you like and people calling in to request more of the same… complement you on your tastes… and wait a second… : )

        I also have Pretty Hate Machine (Also the name of my kindle) on tape… Rescued it from a Salvation Army… So not as cool as going to the store and buying it… Do you remember those days…. That was so much fun… I used to spend hours in Borders… Planning out my next purchases… calculating… which albums or books I could get with my allowance… Making decisions based on the cover… a recommendation… a band name… never knew what you were going to get… I remember when I finally had enough money to afford the All Hallows E.P. From AFI…. never heard a song… Never seen them before… all I knew is that Tom Delonge had a sticker on one of his guitars and I thought the cover looked cool… Blew me away… music is far from dead… but the wonder is heading that way… bad with the good…

        NiN live is something else… totally jelly you got to see them during their best years… I saw them after With Teeth came out… still an amazing show… but I had to sit through Peaches……… They have one really great song which apparently… is the same back beat for all their songs……. that was a long half hour………

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      2. Yeah, opening bands are sometimes.. messed up. I saw NIN at the first Lollapalooza, and they went on after Henry Rollins and Butthole Surfers… so it was still light out.
        in 1994, they headlined and Marilyn Manson opened. I was not a big fan of MM back then, and i sort of never really became a huge fan…
        And then, despite being absolutely huge by then, NIN opened for David Bowie because he is David Bowie. I haven’t seen them since.

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      3. I have never seen NIN live… I have seen a lot of bands and a lot of them more than once. But not NIN…
        *sheds a few tears
        Yes… our kids will never know the pleasure of saving up your money and going to the store to buy the album you look at every time you pass by the store… I guess they will just go on to the online and look around and then download it to their brain chips or something.. I dunno.
        The longest song I have ever enjoyed is One, Metallica lol I don’t have a good attention span for songs… I want the song to come at me hard and then leave, making me want more… then I will play it till I hate music.
        It seems like we all have pretty similar taste in tunes…

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      4. MM isn’t for every body… I wasn’t allowed to listen to him… so that drove my need to listen to him… There is a lot to like… If you like the act… and the story arc of the albums… I like that he told the story in reverse… and that the story is exactly what he became… he messed with the media and created the monster that everyone feared…

        I love the song I’m Afraid of Americans that David and Trent worked on… I’ve never been to a festival… way to many people in one space for me… but it would be hard to say no to seeing Lollapalooza in the 90’s… so lucky…

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      5. MM has some good albums… I think AS is still my fav though…
        I will have to look up that song… when I get home.
        Our power was shut off for maintenance on the lines… so we are out on an adventure…


  2. I love how the parts look like various other things and stuff, and how extreme closeups can render things unidentifiable. You’re EXTREMELY creative! I wouldn’t have thought of this. Brilliant!

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    1. Lol thanks, Mr C
      I really enjoyed taking the pics. I have heaps more of things that aren’t my body lol…
      When I was loading them up my son was like “mum… what… did you take photos of?” Lol yeah… they look gross some of them…

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