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Thoughts on how abstract art can help you

I was talking to one of my friends this morning about how to get back into the swing of things. She asked me how I got my groove back after I escaped Rock Bottom.

And it took a while, but, in the end what has helped me is blogging and abstract art.

Quite often when we create art we put so much focus on things and it is that focus which we lack when we become blocked.

Blocked = no focus.

No focus = no art/no words.

No art/no words =sad artist.

Well, actually, sadder artist because normally we become blocked because we are sad (or sick or anxious or tired etc)

Abstract art allows you a kind of freedom to be creative without actually having to create something specific. Especially with art forms like acrylic pouring, drip painting, drawing fractals, ink blots and other such “chaos” art.

I call it “chaos” art because it is less about talent and more about luck and outside influence. I’m not saying that it doesn’t take talent or that those who use these forms are talentless, it is simply not as reliant on talent as trying to do sketch wirh charcoal or do an oil painting of your great aunt Petunia.

But it is a way of creating and expressing and getting almost instant results.

Same sort of thing for the blogging. Sometimes, I have no idea wtf I am gonna write about. I haven’t been able to put pen to paper at all. So I just pick a thought floating around in my bubbly grey matter and start madly thumb-typing away.

It is about getting synapses firing.

Blood pumping.

Creative juices bubbling and boiling until they simply spill out of your noggin.

Now I will leave you with a few pickies of the pours I (and by I, I actually mean me and the roomy) finished today.




41 thoughts on “Thoughts on how abstract art can help you”

  1. I’m all pumped up ready to go, and it’s cooled down tonight, so plenty of grey-grey matter to splash around, and even finished a verse today that I’ve being working on and stewing/brewing over for nearly a year.

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    1. Yay! Splash it round, Ivor! How hot was it today! It was only 38 here… (lol only) but still. I’m already in bed under the ac. All my pump is gone. I need recharging! 🤣
      That is great about your finished work! Are you uploading it to WP?

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  2. Very cool… I love abstract art… It is nice to feel what you want to feel sometimes… as the artist it is nice because there are so many meanings and you don’t have to explain your reason… your feelings… behind it… it just is… some days I wish I could be like that… just be… no explanation… to be truly free…

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    1. This sound amazing… I want that too…
      Although some days I want to share… I want to say all the things that creep and rattle and slosh around in my brain.
      It is also nice to just let the view impose their own things onto work as well… that is when connection happens.

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      1. Thank you! That’s the point, I think. It sort of busts you out of the funk. You just make yourself pour some paint into a cup and dump it on something then BAM! You have made a pretty and you can feel better about your abilities and then you can move on to the serious stuff…

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  3. 😮 That last piece… wow! They’re all wonderful but those soft caresses of blue tones… earthy and heavenly… the due drop there… reflection of the window… a soft dream to… dream!

    Breathe sigh… 😑

    I never know what I’m going to write on the blog either. I just start… it is a therapeutic exercise. Gosh! You’re inspiring! Love it!😘

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    1. Lol what is a true artist?
      I remember one day, about a month or two into my second life, I looked at the clothes I was wearing and looked at my hands and my even my feet and there was paint on everything. Not just from that day. And I thought “Oh! I’m an artist now!” Lol which is ridiculous but it is what my brain said.
      I think artists are adults that never let go of the things they enjoyed as a child, regardless of jobs or people or money, they just keep doing what they love…

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  4. I guess sometimes I do abstract writing…
    Your paintings all remind me of slicing rock into pieces and polishing them up – all the different colors, patterns and designs would be in there just so. Kind of relaxing, actually.

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      1. My voice to text app is mental. Sometimes it’s not even close! so that adds to my already surreal vocabulisms and choosements of wordness.

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