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Summer shade

The cicadas are loud today

Singing their merry creed to the summer heat

Like lovers

Summer and cicada

Star crossed and long distance

They use the only words they know how

Trrrrrp trrrrrp trrrp the cicadas sing

The summer heats up

A southerly breeze blows

And the cicadas sing

The breeze coaxes leaves from the trees

They float down to litter the grass

Feeding the tree in turn to make new leaves

And the cicadas sing

A horse whinnies in the distance

Safe under the shade of a swaying, fragrant eucalypt

Parrots flock to the trees

Getting drunk off the sun-kissed flowers

And the cicadas sing

A storm teases the horizon with its darkness

Lightning crackles

Electricity in the sticky air

Thunder moans


and deep

And the cicadas sing

I sit under the shade of the tree

I breathe in the summer and exhale the hope for an early winter

But the shade kisses my skin, sweetly

The way only summer shade can

The scent of pool chlorine and eucalyptus and baked asphalt is thick

The aroma of a summer freshly cooked and ready to be devoured

And so

I eat

I gorge on summer

And the cicadas sing



This was just a random stream of thoughts as I sit and watched my kids play in the pool.

As most of you may be aware, I’m not huge on summer. But as I watch my kids in the pool… how much they love it. Splashing and floating and staying still to allow a dragonfly or wasp to come drink… It makes me hate on summer less and think more on the good, more on the love and deliciousness of everything…


22 thoughts on “Summer shade”

  1. I lived almost 19 years of heat for 9months a year in Cyprus
    It wasn’t for me..I am enamoured with winter
    But I adore the pure , sweet, longing and surrender to the raping, forcing, sweating heat of summer that you pour out here. …
    I’m glad I found you and your words

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      1. Wait… how did you throw your arms in the air if your arms were in the air and you didn’t have anything to throw them?
        Side note: Did you also wave them like you just don’t care?

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      2. I think it’s the law.
        When someone screams “put your hands together for” such and such, I sometimes literallly put them together. Like, touch my palms, and don’t separate them for 10 or 15 seconds. When people look at me, I say I’m just doing what the person said. They never said to take them apart again

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