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I miss the way you look when you are staring at something you love

The awe in your eyes

The gentle curve of an alomst-smile on your lips

Your brow smooth, worryless.

Me: Sally

You: Jack

I miss your gentle touch

The way you gather me up in your arms…

Me: a dandelion seed

You: a sweet, summer breeze

I miss the passion and the heat of you

Hot enough to start a fire but never burning my skin

Me: Morticia

You: Gomez

I miss the look in your eyes…

I miss the smile on your face when you see me.

As if I am a happy surprise

A gift you did not expect

And that smile is the special one you only show me.

Only my eyes have seen…

Me: Hermione

You: Ron

I miss your hand on my lower back.

Me: the canvas, blank, waiting

You: the paint, colour, life

I long for all these things.

And more…

All these things I have never had.

Because, I have not met you,


Our paths have not crossed

Destiny has not pulled us together.

There must be more for us to do

More for us to learn


How do you miss someone you have never met?



PS this is in no way about goat-dragon.

I miss goat-dragon the way an insect misses pesticide. The way a snowman misses the desert. The way a dog misses its intestinal parasites.

Not at all…

FYI: This is the first time I have written about love in a long time… maybe something has healed. Maybe something has changed. I dunno. But if you made it this far, thank you for reading my terrible poetry. All the love…


69 thoughts on “Yet…”

  1. Amberley… if this is terrible… Woman!!! My heart jumped out of my chest. I adored this. So perfect! Resonates quite a bit and I thank you for your contribution to my love for sweet dreams and longing. This was a perfect caress that lingered over me like the breeze in summer. Warm and enticing.

    You know what else makes this special… you’re so witty. I love the little anecdotes you add in your writing’s in-betweens. I’m not gonna lie… kind of swooning right now. This was delicious.

    Breathe sigh worthy! Welcome to the breathe sigh club. 😉

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  2. Yes! Like she said, I love the in betweens. When you said Jack/Sally, I immediately thought of Blink 182, but also I thought of Gomez/Morticia. And then, there they were! I thought “please do Wade/Vanessa” but at that moment you revealed it was hypothetical. And I knew then that this was your spell, drawing this man to you, shaping your own destiny. That’s a thing, you know. You did it perfectly. 😍

    At no point did I ever even remotely think this was goat-dragon in any way.

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      1. You’re in NSW? I’m in Eastern and Mel is in Central, so you’re maybe…10 hours ahead of me and 11 ahead of her? I am not sure. Something like that. So I’m having breakfast while you’re having dinner, or I’m raking leaves while you’re inventing the cotton gin, or something like that. I don’t know.

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      2. I’m trying to find it on my world clock but everything is in gmt and cities.
        Inventing the cotton gin only took one day, silly. So while you are racking leaves I’m still chasing the roos off my porch. They keep trying to steal my inventions…

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      3. Oh! Well, then I’m in the New York time zone, and she’s in the… Chicago time zone, I guess. And you’re in the Sydney time zone? Right?

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    1. And you made me cry too…
      A spell is what I had in mind… hahahahaha I kept thinking of practical magic, where she wishes for her perfect love knowing he wouldn’t be real but then he was… grr stupid tears… I was gonna do wade and vanessa and I was gonna do edward and kim… but I went for the non movie things instead…
      You guys are the best. I would never have met you if I hadn’t left. Destiny or coincidence. I don’t care. I’m grateful either way. Xxx

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      1. Awww… You’re such a feeling caring soul. 😚 I happen to know that you can write your destiny into existence.
        You don’t even have to actually write it, either. Your actions led to us meeting. Ours too. And I’m glad! And grateful as well. 😊 I like this blogosphere! Happiness.
        Breathe sigh…
        Man, I’m sleepy…

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      2. I think Mel would tell it best, but…
        It’s that feeling of happy contentment that makes you inhale slowly and deeply, and then exhale in a long sigh…while you’re smiling and being uplifted at the same time. I have a tag called ‘cozy warm mellow goodness’ that nearly captures it.

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  3. Well I’m late… Mel said just about everything I thought in the first comment… Clever finished up what Mel missed… haha… This was a really sweet poem.. I like the character breaks… They really gave the poem an interesting depth…

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    1. Thanks, Layney Bear…
      It is funny. I had this sitting in “drafts” for at least half the day before I submitted it. I just couldn’t decide whether it was something I should share or something for myself.
      …I’m glad I shared…

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