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I am currently walking up and down my hallway. I’m not pacing, exactly…

As part of my life-upcycling that is in progress, I’m trying to get fit again.

It is too hot to walk outside and I have no one to look after the kids. I don’t have the money to join a gym and I know I wouldn’t go if I did.

I don’t want to do nothing. As tempting as it may be to curl up in bed and let myself drift further down the spiral. That is not what I want to let myself do.

So, I watch my FitBit as I race up and down the halls like a manical cat on heat… with out all the screeching of course.

Well, maybe a little screeching.

It is ironic actually. My destination-less wandering is a lot like my old life. A lot of movement nowhere. Floundering. Swimming through pitch.

Except this is giving my legs a workout.




6 thoughts on “Life-upcycling”

  1. Am… you are a powerhouse woman! For a long time I’ve wanted to try yoga. I’m finally going for it. YouTube is full workout stuff you can do at home. Yoga seems like just poses … but it us so much more strenuous than I thought.

    You go girl! The movement inside you is so going to take you places! I just know it! 😉😘

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    1. You gorgeous doll face you! Mwah!
      I love yoga with Adrienne… yoga is soooo good. I wanted to start yoga again this year but I really lack floor space in my house. I’d have to do it in the backyard.
      Have you started the yoga?

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  2. Go for it Amberley, pacing, walking, yoga, any exercises you can…. I’ve got myself into a routine(nearly) of doing 20 mins of exercises a day, haven’t done them today “Yet”, but I’ll do them soon, I don’t care what time of day it happens, so long as it happens. You don’t need much room, your little bod’ will fit….just push the furniture aside(That’s exercise) …go, go Amber….

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