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Witch-hunt … Really?

Here are my two cents. I was holding off giving them but here they fucking are.

Get your delicate eyeballs ready for some foul language, cause I am fucking pissed the fuck off.

Two reasons why it piss me the fuck off when these men call the “outing” of sexual fucking predators a witch-hunt.

Number Fucking One)

It is not a witch-hunt when you are tracking down FUCKING CRIMINALS!

These douchey, entitled, smug men who thought they were so un-fucking-touchable cause of their fame or money or power or whatever, broke the law. You cannot touch someone who doesn’t want your filthy fucking hands on them. You cannot be suggestive towards someone unless they actually have specifically fucking told you that they want you to say dirty shit to them.

I once read something by someone (sorry I cannot give you credit) that was perfect. If you wouldn’t say it or do it to Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, then don’t fucking do it to a woman. Still don’t get it? Go read this.

So, next time you go to send a dick pic to the chick in the apartment across from you or slap an intern’s arse or grab a woman by the (insert any body part here, not just her pussy) imagine the Rock’s face and don’t fucking do it unless she has begged to see your cock.

If she (or he) hasn’t specifically backed up into your personal space and begged you to slap her firm, round buttocks, don’t touch the hiney.  But if someone does back their arse into your personal space, butt-first, and you don’t want their shit-plopper in your face, that ain’t cool either.

If she (or he) hasn’t said something along the lines of “please! For the love of all that is under Odin’s rule, send me a photo of your hard, throbbing cock” don’t send the dick pic.

Number Fucking Two)

Witch-hunt … Really?

You bunch of over-privileged, penis mushrooms. You sack of rich, pig-headed, taint moles.

Are you seriously choosing “Witch-hunt” to describe these law-breakers being outed for sexual harassment against women.

Let’s fucking think about this for a few fucking moments, shall we???

Let us go and check our fucking history books. Go on. I’ll fucking wait.

Are we all back? Fucking brilliant.

Now, before all you blokes get your balls in a twist. Yes, they did burn men in the witch-trials too. I’m not saying they didn’t. They burned fucking children too (the foreskin nuggets) But it is like the whole domestic violence thing. Yes, there are men that are in terrible domestic violence situations out there and they need the same sort of care as the women.

But the numbers are a tad fucking skewed in the “humans with vaginas” direction.

I don’t feel like getting into the horrifying details of the torture and systematic femicide that occurred during the witch trials. If you wish to read about it, I’ll link some sites that go into it a little more.

Don’t compare your fucking hungry cock that you can’t control to the murder and torture and rape of hundreds of thousands of women. Just don’t. Fucking stop it.

If you don’t want a “witch-hunt,” stop fucking diddling women who don’t want your filthy fucking hands on them. End of fucking story.

No more silence!

Light the fucking torches, girls! Grab your bras and pitch forks and tampons and matches. They want a fucking witch-hunt? Give them one!

Time’s up, mother fuckers.



33 thoughts on “Witch-hunt … Really?”

  1. No idea why anyone is touching anyone… it is grotesque… especially if no one asked you to in the first place… “I’m a huger,”… that’s nice… I’m not… Shiver… But I have to take it because I am a man?… Because it’s Christmas time?… This is opening up a whole door way.. I don’t want to go through… Hands off the merchandise… No touche…

    How do you feel about this whole Marky Mark versus Michelle Williams?… I was pretty pissed at the public… but then Michelle Williams out classed us all… Now all in the world is right again… Happily ever after… turns the page… Good God the book is on fire…

    Liked by 4 people

    1. It is a tough one. I have seen a lot of people complaining about the donation and calling it guilt money. But I think Marky Mark did the right thing and Michelle has responded well.
      It seems like he did nothing wrong but how are we to know. Either way, no one is hurt and the money has gone to a good place.

      Yes. I believe the books has always been on fire. We didn’t start it. It was just always burning. I believe since the world’s been turning…
      I’m a hugger. I love cuddles. But I’m not gonna go cuddle randos and people who don’t want my snuggly love.

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  2. I appreciate that… as a non-huger… Fun story a higher up on christmas one year… came in arms wide open… I politely reached my hand out for a hand shake… She laughed… Said I’m a huger… As she embarrassed me I stood there like a log… “I’m not,”…. guess who didn’t get promoted until she left… Totally worth not hugging her though… Sell your soul for Rock and Roll.. not money… wait…

    My issue with the issue was everyone making this into a pay gap gender issue… Only because it cheapens the real issue… Specifically people calling for him to donate the money…They can do anything they want with their money… and you are right they both did the right thing in the end… I wrote a long ass rant about it the other day… But I didn’t post it.

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    1. Why didn’t you post it?
      I don’t really see it as a gender pay gap issue (there are gender pay gap issues but I don’t see this as one) mainly because she had stated that she would do it for free. Marky Mark had not. But I’m not the dude who signs the cheques. Besides, it isn’t really Marky Mark’s fault.
      Lol go you for standing up to the hugger.
      My mum is not a hugger but I make her hug me lol I feel bad cause she stillens when I give her a big beary. Poor thing. But it’s my mum! I wanna fucking cuddle, mum!

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      1. The public was trying to make it one… That was the only reason I was pissed… Didn’t post because I was pissed… the idea behind chewing on glass is that I chew on thoughts for way too long… it was a fleeting moment of anger… I saved it to draft though…

        Small Part of it
        “Be mad… who really cares if you are mad?… but to be mad because an asshole negotiated better… is pretty fucking stupid… to try and make this a pay gap issue… derails the fucking issue… She could have asked for more money… She should have asked for more money… She didn’t ask for more money… Which makes her a better person… But welcome to Hollywood… Welcome to Life… being a better person doesn’t mean shit…”

        haha… My mom is a hugger… My mom, my wife, and my daughter are the only people I like to hug… feel bad your mom’s not into hugs… My mother law is like that…

        My mom is all about saying I love you… it freaks my wife out… Because her mother is not like that at all… Which freaks me out… Who drops someone off at the airport and just says see you later?… Maybe you won’t… my wife and I have been together 13 years and I have never heard her mother say she loved her…

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      2. That is what my ex’s fam was like. 18 years… never a hug between them. No wonder my ex is so messed up in the head.
        Lol at the airport thing.
        I’m crazy with the love. If I love someone they fucking know it. It is not even lunch time and I have told my bestie I love her 3 times, my mum twice, my kids at least 5 times, my aunty once and my room mate a couple of times too. For real. No joke. I’m all about the love and the cuddles. Lmfao I sound like a psycho.
        How old is your daughter?

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  3. The forking lemonade here… so passionate! I love when the comment thread is just as passionate!

    I’m so glad you let this out!! I’m a little overwhelmed by this topic. There are so many silent victims that are not celebrities whose predators are not being hunted at all. What about those? It’s too hurtful for me to dwell on so I don’t but I’m so glad for the voice that has sprung from the media. Important to bring this crap to light.

    Loved you passionate warrior writing!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes… I worry about the silent ones also. But our society looks up to these people and these women are setting a great example.
      No more silence.
      I won’t get into it though otherwise I’ll get all worked up again. I keep my warrior just below the surface… like a…
      *goes to check Google for correct spelling
      Some sort of human eating fae that lives in water anyway…
      I like faeries…

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  4. Yes, yes, and more YES!! I love this post, from top to bottom. You had me on the floor with “penis mushroom”!! 😂👏🏼👏🏼. It’s pretty amazing how many women are in the Me Too category, and how many guilty men there are (of course, there are good ones too, and I’m excluding them from my wrath). Because I am indeed wrathful. The shit the phallic fungi pull is completely inexcusable. They’re thinking with the wrong fucking head. If they’re so “superior”, as so many of them claim to be, then surely they can control themselves better than a dog in heat who humps the kitchen table leg, right? Jussayin ❤️❤️. Go you! Every word, including (and especially?) the F-bombs, needed to be said, and I thank you for saying it 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Laina! Thank you so much… man I was fuming this day. It still get my blood boiling.
      I’m so happy that this post caught you but I really actually wish no one understood… you know? I long to live in a society where rants like this are no longer necessary or relevant.
      All the love to you, sweetness. And thank you so much for all the blog love today xxx


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