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Does art have to say something?

As I return to my pour table this week after our many travels, I have found myself asking myself “but what does this piece say?”

My art normally says nothing unless my medium is words, because I choose not to use living subjects. But this is of course not what I fucking mean, is it? What I mean is “what am I trying to say?”

And what is my answer? I dunno, Amberley, what the fuck do you want to say?

I think, most of the time, my art doesn’t say anything. Sometimes, you can see the emotions I was feeling when I made the piece. Sometimes, it is a reflection of my personality. Sometimes, I just liked the way those colours went together or they were the only colours I had.

I think the same can be said for writing too. Sometimes we write something because we want to say something else. Sometimes we directly write about a subject so bluntly it is like getting smacked in the face with a giant dildo. Sometimes, we don’t want to say anything. We just feel like writing an entertaining blood-fest starring jungle pirates and cowboy faeries.

Does it make our work any less valid?

Does it change peoples perception of our work?

And does it even fucking matter what the author/artist wanted to say?

I did a painting a couple of months ago. I completely abstract one. I just liked the colours.

Someone really liked it and wanted it. But they liked it cause they saw a frog in it. I couldn’t see the frog. But they could. I didn’t paint a frog. But they saw one.

So, do we really need to be saying something or expressing something if others will only interpret it their own way anyway? Or is this the point? The sharing. The differnt views.

I dunno.




5 thoughts on “Does art have to say something?”

  1. I ponder this a lot too.
    I really do just enjoy the creative process, and having an outlet for it, and if people enjoy it and connect in some way, I am over the moon.
    And it intrigues me when it is interpreted very differently from my original intent. I think a lot can come out of the ensuing discussion, too.

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    1. Yes! Discussion is great and important. As long as it stays civil. It is strange how people (especially on the internet) cannot have a civil discussion about … well … anything. Also especially about something left up to interpretation.

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  2. Yep , I dunno , yep , I dunno , Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, good things come in small packages, so does poison, and I write with a poison pen, on tomorrows newspaper about the dreams I had yesterday, and today I can’t remember what my dream was about, so I’ll make one up, and write about My Dragon and Lady Dragon. Well … I hope you know what I’m trying to say, it’s all up to the interpreter …. I think… but I dunno….

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