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Fashionably late to the party

I never catch a fad when it is happening.

I swear.

Fandoms come and go and two years or more later I will stumble across them and be like “AH HA!” That’s what all those weirdos were going on about…

I only started watching My Little Pony.

I have just started listening/reading The Dark Tower series.

I just got Bitmoji and a FitBit.

And so on.

But I guess it doesn’t matter when you discover something new. What matters is that you keep discovering new things.

So go find something new for you and if you have any weird things you are currently fascinated by, please tell me about them in the comments.




57 thoughts on “Fashionably late to the party”

  1. You’re so cute! I love your Bitmoji! Umm… Hi… I’m your kindred spirit… who just found out about most of the things you yourself have recently found out. I’m in the same boat. But I’m okay with that. I’m a busy Mom and I’m going to be honest… I don’t know how the hell twitter works and this place… WP? What the fork? It’s its own enigma. Especially the mobile app… whoaaa!

    I’m not at all technically savvy and I would like to find out how to navigate Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… my own life… you know… the basics. LOL!

    Keep on discovering… it will discover you before long. I think you’re super talented. I’m a fan!

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    1. You are a sweetheart.
      I feel like we are all just blindly stumbling around trying to figure all this out and sometimes, if we are lucky, we run into some other soul who is looking for the same sorts of things.
      Bad things have happened to me and my fam in the past but if it weren’t for them then I would never have “met” you and other lost souls in this dark and wonderful void.

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      1. Amberley!!! Feels for all this! YES! I have been through a lot in my life and during the start of this blog. My life has changed a great deal because of the wonderful people I’ve met here as well.

        HUGS! And here’s to more wonderful discoveries!

        Oh… and communicating through Twitter to end up back in WP is like… magic. LOL. It’s surreal especially if you have the apps… Damn Google just makes it all happen and I’m like Whoaaaa! LOL.

        Have a wonderful whatever and I thank you for your tasty lemonade. I’m so glad for the unlimited refills. 😉

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  2. I’m I’m driving right now and I shouldn’t be doing this but I’m going about 5 miles an but hour on the highway, so I thought why not? I don’t normally text M drive, but since I’m going 5 miles an hour I thought what the heck. I’m just going to work. And I love work! I love everything about it, from the doing things for other people, to the doing things other people tell me to do, to the unfulfilling nature of it, to the having a beer or 40 hours a week, to the, where you get the idea. What’s not to love? Emma work pays the bills. And that’s the whole point right? If I didn’t have bills, I would need to work. I’m just rambling. I’m just going down the highway pulling up about 20 feet every 10 seconds. So I hope this time it makes sense to you. And I hope it finds you out. And I’m glad you finally are on WordPress. Because after clicking on your name all those times, and finding if there’s nothing oh, it’s good to finally have a place to visit you at. So why. Still driving. It’s fun

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    1. Goodness me, Ward! Please do be careful!
      It sounds like what you’re trying to tell me, is that you do not actually enjoy your job… what do you do for your chosen enslavement? Mayhaps you could try a new path?

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      1. Jobs are work. I enjoy the people in my office, and stuff, and the money part, but… I’d rather be writing, or traveling, or running a wedding business, or a charity pub, or something fun like that.

        I’ll be careful. The traffic on the highway at the time was moving less than 5mph, because of an accident. I couldn’t hold it, and there was no restroom nearby, so I just…
        Wait, no, a traffic accident.

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      2. Hmmm…. Good to know on that wedding thing. I had plans for video editing with CGI and cosplay, lol.
        A charity pub seems like a pub where regular people come, at regular hours, and are giving-minded.

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      3. Nerdy wedding stuff would be cool. I always had the idea of making strange wedding bouquet substitutes. But as I said, working with wedding parties is tough. I didn’t really know exactly what a charity pub was. But it sounds great. Do it!
        *starts chanting and fist pumping
        Do it! Do it!

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      4. I will! But I need a side income first. Like… real estate, or writing.
        Charity pub, people come in and order, and they also order which charity their money goes to from the affiliates. Then, the pub donates it, while the patron pays slightly higher prices and the pub runs at no profit.

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      5. Right! You’ve given me hope… I would need a start up and some time to get a liquor license… and then affiliate myself with up to 10 charities of various support, but definitely something for autism, and Grateful Garments would be one, and well, no offense, but no pets or wildlife, humans only.

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      6. Because I couldn’t conscionably help an animal when humans are suffering. Others may differ, and that’s fine. On an ad hoc basis, I would and have helped animals. Just not in a focused Kickstarted charity pub sense.

        For example, I recently noticed that my fish food had expired, so I got new fish food. Sure, it’s a lame example, but it totally counts!

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      7. Bahahahahahahaha
        What about something like the guide dogs association? That is helping animals but it is also helping humans?
        *Amberley plays dramatic music in the background the kind that goes dun dun duuuuuuuuuuu!*

        I’m impressed (but not surprised) you had an intelligent answer.
        So what charities would you choose?

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      8. Autism, homelessness, sexual assault, battered women, and something that feeds everyone all the time rather than just at Christmas and Thanksgiving. Which is on the 4th Thursday in November here in this foreign land.

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      9. These are good choices. All of these things are things that need fixing.

        I don’t like calling Autism a problem but more research into its causes and help for families would be great.

        I had writtwn a big thing but I deleted it because I couldn’t explain myself properly.

        Have you actually looked into this? Please tell me you have. When I come to the states I want to come drink a vagina drink at your charity pub.

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      10. I have looked into it. I still need a liquor license and a location, but setting it up is exactly like a regular bar except for the hours and the operation. Donations are just… well I’d probably need a lawyer to work some stuff out, or an accountant, but it would be fine. And then I’d just need a location. Probably indoors, would be my guess.

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      11. It’s a long process, and requires a background check and a lot of money. I could rent a premises, and I have one in mind. Or two. But one at a time, because I can’t think right.

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      1. I’m serious. Now I want mac and cheese. I’m getting some on the way home. mmmm…. I can only think of one thing I want more than mac and cheese right now…

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      2. I can pick up macaroni, and cheese, and cook the macaroni and put the cheese on and melt it until it’s creamy, maybe with a little milk and a little butter…. mmmm…
        And in fact, that’s just what I did. Except I didn’t put milk or butter in it. Just cheese.

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      3. I wouldn’t say mac and cheese is Italian, but…
        The grocery store we go to has a service where you can order things online, and then drive out there and pick it up, similar to a take out. So in that sense, I could totally order mac and cheese and drive over and get it.


      1. Hahaha!!! I have to say the punctuation when I talk. So it was like…
        P period S period (which didn’t work well) I did that one comment with voice to text comma so

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