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When I am empress – parenting

So, yesterday, I took my kids down to the hotel pool.

There were so many kids. And with kids there are parents.

Walking into the pool area, there were about twenty poolside chairs, most of which were taken up with people. Seven chairs were without butts but six had towels. I take the only free chair which happens to be the one farthest from the pool but with splash range of the festy-warm spa water.

One thing I want to put out there, I’m not big on the idea of communal anything. Hostels are my nightmare, food courts make me feel physically ill and public pools… double both of those.

Sitting far from my own kids, I am forced to be close to other peoples children.

Most kids are cool. Kids are like regular humans except tiny and insane. If adults acted the way children act, they would have a one-way holiday to nice padded room.

Sorry, I’m getting distracted… oh yeah! There was this one kid that was being a little bitch.

One child was the cutest little thing. Pig tails, chubby cheeks, all the cuteness. All she wanted to do was be friends with bitch-child.

Bitch-child had that look about her. I know, I know… she is just a child and I am being a bit of a cunt but if you have kids and have spent time at their school you probably know what I mean. If you don’t then maybe your kid is one of these bitch-children. Soz.

So, this cutie-pie just kept asking bitch-child “do you want to be my friend?”

Sweet, right?

Yeah, well, bitch-child would say “only if you turn the bubbles on for me.”

Cutie-pie would get out and just before she would press the button, bitch-child would say “if you put the bubbles on I won’t be your friend.”

This went on for too long. If one of my children had done this, it would have happened once and that’s it. Back upstairs.

And what did bitch-child’s mum do? Diddly fucking squat.

These children are our future adults. The ones who will be our nurses, doctors, checkout chicks, food makers, etc. Not teaching them basic manners and how to treat other humans is just setting our future up for failure.

I understand that tearing your eyes away from Facebook and putting down your phone and entering the real world to discipline your children may harsh your holiday buzz or whatever but, for fuck suck! If you are a parent, then parent!

But the mother was a bitch too! She was the one who had spread her pool shit out over the other six fucking chairs!

When I am empress, all of her kind will be drawn and quartered. Well, depending on breeding age. If they have not yet breed then they will be chemically castrated.

My people will both love me and fear me…

I will also give strict testing for general courtesy, etiquette, ninja skills, horse riding, and, of course grammar/punctuation.




23 thoughts on “When I am empress – parenting”

  1. Oh no! I can’t ride a horse very well. I can make coffee very well though! So there’s that.
    And other people’s kids are sometimes… well, it’s not their fault, it’s their parents’ fault.

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  2. Had me at…. “And with kids there are parents.”… I don’t mind the kids… but god damn these parents… Every time we take my daughter to the park… I… It’s too much… I feel bad for my little girl… because she loves the park so much and I would rather stick pins under my finger nails… this kid better do something with her life… at the very least take me to the park when it is my turn…

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    1. Lmfao It is terrible isn’t it! I feel the same way abput the park unless I know it is one not very many kids go to in which case they don’t want to go to those ones.
      I find if I go to the park at around 2.30-3pm there are not as many parents because all of the breeders are picking up their other offspring from school.
      Lol I’m such an antisocial bitch. People are cringey.
      Thanks for reading, doll. xxx

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      1. Sadly where I live no time is a good time to go to the grocery store… went one time at 9 AM on a Wednesday… might as well have been 5 PM… home schooling has to be tough… my daughter isn’t there yet, but I don’t know if I could do it… If I did she would turn out like Cher in Clueless… a hard R version for Language… crude humor… Still might… never know…


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