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the. project. Part 1.

Holy flaming fuck balls this is actually happening. (Is “fuck balls” a hyphenate?)

Okay… So… I have decided to go easy on myself for part one. I think in the wake of “the non-denominational, gift holiday, fancy pine tree, (& in Australia, xmas beetle) season” I must treat myself kindly and pick an easy topic and an easy time frame.

The challenge will be “bugs.”

I know, I know… it is not as exciting as I wanted either but I picked a shitty time to start trying to get my life back on track… or as I told my psychologist “I don’t think I have ever had a track… I may need to build one of those first…”

So… (I start a lot of sentences with “so”) I will probs be painting and writing but you can do you. If you wanna join in the fun of a community art project, you can sketch, sculpt, knit, poet, sing, film, photo, crochet using cat fur, garden in your underwear, spread butter on concrete with your privates… I don’t give a rat arse. All I do care about is that something is made that didn’t exist yesterday.

On the (I’ll give peps a day to recoup) 2nd of Jan 2018 I will be posting my own submission and I will be accepting subs from you. (Yes… you, mother fucker!) You can sub with links in comments below or in the post with my sub. Or on social media. Hopefully, by then, I will have my shit together enough to manage a Twitter account. #brokenbeatenandscarred #metallicareference but we will see. People still use Twitter, right?

I have these big plans of becoming a community and meeting a bunch of you cool,weird, arty folks… I also have dreams of (mayhaps) publishing a book of all our arting together… but I think I need to put the breaks on.

Amberley needs to calm the farm and take a step back…

I am rambling now anyway, so if you want to join in, please do so. If you want to have a peak at my day to day arting and cat problems feel free to check out my instagram… yep… I got instagram. Holy fuck, aye! Otherwise, I’ll see you sometime… 🖤

Love yall



32 thoughts on “the. project. Part 1.”

  1. I’ve also imagined meeting a bunch of bloggers. So far, though, for various reasons that are all really two reasons, I’ve only ever met one person in 6 plus years of blogging.
    I color in coloring books. That’s my color art. lol… otherwise, I write lyrics and music and words.

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      1. YES! It’s been difficult, and I had to go to the restroom at year 2, but all in all it’s been I’m kidding.! lol that’s crazy!
        It was year 3.
        I love coloring books too, though the librarians hate it and I’ve now been banned. sigh – plebians who don’t appreciate art, I say.

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      2. Ok… so … full disclosure… I read this whille sitting on the loo and it is pretty early in the morning and everyone else is asleep but I would’ve just woke them up with a roar of snort-laughter coming from the bathroom… sorry for the over share…

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      3. Everybody poops, according to a book I just read. So I’m not offended by your oversharing.
        I will say that the disclosure was very full, nearly to bursting. But no worries, mate! You’re bonzer lolly, if I may big note you!

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      4. Only where I specifically am. I watch my Yahoo Serious movies and listen to Skyhooks! Smut! Horror Movie! Women In Uniform! Why Don’t You All Get F

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    1. Man… this was what I was originally meant to be doing on the blog. I set myself one prompt and then that was it… I got kinda sidetracked on just writing lol which was the point. To get me writing again. Maybe I should just delete this lmfao

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      1. No… you can still do this. Make it like a weekly challenge or every two weeks. But you can do what you want! 😉😅😘

        Please don’t let me boss you around! 😅

        Delete if you like! It’s your blog. 😘 love ya!

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