bloggity blog, Prompts Project

the. project.

The beginning is always the scariest part.

That blank page, that dry canvas, that lump of un-moulded clay, they just sit there and stare up at you as if to say, “well … What you gonna do?”

That is this blog, right now.

So, this is the project. A blog to help heal. A blog to help me find myself. A blog to bare my soul. And why a blog? Because, dear reader, hopefully you (or at least some of you) will decided to join me on this quest. Not for you to find me … But for you to find you…

The plan is a loose one.

*Baby steps, Amberley, baby steps*

I will post what project I will be doing the next week/month/day/decade/whatever and then post it on (or round-about) the day it is due. If you would like to follow along, please either post them on your chosen social media/website/blog and then comment with the link or tag me.

I will be wrangling Twitter, Instagram and (maybe) Facebook accounts in the coming weeks and hopefully this blog will be in full swing soon. Yep. That is how fresh from the womb of life I am, still bloody and screaming and I haven’t even Tweeted yet. Fuck, aye…

So, if you would like to join me on this journey or maybe you are sick and just love to watch people scrambling to get their lives back on track … (I dunno, I don’t judge.) … but please feel free to subscribe or follow or whatever it is you do to blogs. Gosh, I feel like a fucking alien… How to internet? Show how plez …


Amberley Griffin


11 thoughts on “the. project.”

  1. Ima tag along! I’ve been on a similar journey still going… as you’ve experienced a little. Thanks for your visits on the blog and twitter. 😊
    Love your lemonade! Came in for a glass… staying for a whole pitcher!😉

    Liked by 1 person

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